Threads can be seen in its web version. And as we expected, it's practically identical to Twitter

If there was an ideal time to launch an alternative to Twitter, it was this one. And that's just what they've done at Meta, who through Instagram have created a new social network called Threads that has been talked about for weeks. It is expected that tomorrow it will be available for iOS, but today we have already been able to see its web interface and one thing is clear: if you know how to use Twitter, you will know how to use Threads.

Zuck welcomes us. The first post (the first 'thread'?) of this new social network has been published by Mark Zuckerberg, who with his usual username on other company platforms ('zuck') has written "Let's do it. Welcome to Threads."

It is not possible to create accounts at the moment. Although it is possible to view the message and its replies, the platform's website ( , the .com is taken and its owners are taking advantage of it) does not give an option to create new accounts. Of course: in Meta they have given preliminary access to some people, something that can be quickly verified by seeing that Zuckerberg's message has received several "Likes" and responses.

Just like Twitter. The web interface of Threads is very similar to the one presented by Twitter. Clarity is imposed, and at the top there is the logo of the platform, which when clicked causes it to change from a light theme to a dark theme. Other users with preliminary access have shown posts with images or videos, and the operation is therefore apparently identical to that of Twitter.

The fediverse is waiting. Underneath, yes, Threads is based on ActivityPub, the same technology as Mastodon. In The Verge they indicate that the integration with the fediverse will not be available initially, but it is expected that they will add such a feature soon, something that would probably be an important boost for the Meta platform.

Will it be available in Europe? It's not entirely clear. Yesterday the Irish newspaper Independent quoted the words of a spokesman for the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) indicating that Threads would not be deployed in the European Union "at this time". The launch would be limited to the United States and the United Kingdom, which after Brexit is not completely governed by the GDPR or European privacy laws, they indicated in that medium.

The DMA is lurking. According to Bloomberg, "Meta is awaiting further guidance on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the new EU competition rules governing the way large online platforms use their market power." This regulation aims to end closed ecosystems, and among other things will force the great guardians of content (Google, Apple, Meta, Twitter and Microsoft) to allow data to be passed from one place to another. Meanwhile, yes, on Instagram announced yesterday the update of the Conditions of Use of the service.

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